Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha: New Album and Potential Move

Awhile back I got an email from the Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha, creator and leader of the Church of Sarrean Alignment about their new album on Spotify! I was able to track him down on the phone from what is apparently the restroom of an international airport somewhere in the middle of the night.

It’s a brief interview, but the episode does contain some of the tracks from the new album along with the audio from the music video to A Village Story:

FYI: Listen to the original interview with the CEE where we explain what this is all about:

There seem to be many changes possibly afoot for the CEE and his church, so he sounded a bit harried. The interview was cut a little short, but I provide it here now for your listening pleasure. (Please excuse some of the clipping and distortion on the audio, I did what I could but the acoustics were unforgiving).

Check out the website of Mandek Penha:

The album is on Spotify:

And of course Apple Music:

All tracks on this album by the Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha!

… except for the themesong which is by the Fantastic Plastics!:

Adverts at the end are for the Church of the SubGenius ( and Cinema Insomnia (

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