Alexis Hunter: Joi Lansing’s Story As Told By Her Secret Lover

For guest Alexis Hunter there was no woman in the world more beautiful than television’s Marilyn MunroeJoi Lansing. Born in Utah, Joi rose to fame in Los Angeles to become a major blonde bombshell — appearing on the cover to LIFE magazine, starring alongside Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, appearing on the Beverly Hillbillies as a regular, offered a contract by Lucille Ball — hit on by Marilyn Munroe! Alexis got to meet Joi — and then they fell in love!

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It was in 1969, on the set of the laughably horrible B-movie Big Foot, that Alexis Hunter first met Joi Lansing. Joi was professional as ever and looked stunning — Alexis was wearing a gorilla suit and wearing plastic fangs! Joi was still impressed by Alexis (or maybe she just felt pity).

Like a scene from a movie, when their eyes later met in a go-go dance club — Alexis was the go-go dancer! — it was the beginning of a Love Story which is recounted in Joi Lansing: A Body to Die For.  (

Alexis Hunter wrote this book to celebrate her time with Joi — the were lovers and best friends and, in a way,  sisters. She wrote this book to keep every day she had with Joi alive on paper. Cancer took Joi only 3 years after they first met in that go-go club.

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I realise it’s been over a month since the last episode. The fall has brought some changes to the schedule at my house along with a new job for both me and my wife. This has sort of wreaked havoc on the podcast time, but I expect things will settle down soon enough.

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