Edina: A Contortionist Bends with Strength and Doesn’t Break

Ever felt like life was going to break you? You need to bend! That was the lesson learned with Edina from Silika Contortion in Toronto during a great conversation I had with her!

We’ll talk about contortion, her trip from being a university student with chronic arthritis pain and constant stress to living her dream as a performer with strength and grace — like dealing with life. We’ll talk about how her stretching and contortion has directly helped her fight her inner demons. There’s much more to this than simply stretching!

Check out Edina’s demo video! (https://youtu.be/XQwcpA08UZY)

Here she is stretching in Mongolia OUCHIE!!: (https://youtu.be/AXqUuf-0XmM)

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Email: bookings@silikacontortion.com

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