Brianna: Morena in Japan

This week I talk with Brianna, aka “Milky” Morena in Japan! Morena moved to Osaka when she was 18 and has been there for almost a year. While there, she has put out YouTube videos and Instagram stories where she shares about being a young black woman in Japan. From her Patreon:

Hi guys! As many of you know, I moved to Japan on my own at 18 to study Japanese Politics and Global Studies in one of the best universities in Kansai! I will be living in Japan from now until 2021 (possibly beyond) and I would love to share my journey with you! My content will be multidimensional, ranging from Japanese living + tips and tricks, mental health (BPD, anxiety, depression), political theories, the book I’m writing, and of course, hoeing. Get ready.

When I say unfiltered, I mean unfiltered. Often explicit, sometimes crude but always smart, Brianna shares the real deal scoop. Everything from lousy Mexican food places to how to hoe in Japan and set up the perfect dick appointment
Listen to this episode to explain more about hoeing.

So expect this conversation to be frank and definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. There’s likely real fodder in this conversation for people who are prude about sexuality. And I’ll warn you that I hint at my own sex life from the olden days when I was a whipper snapper.

Brianna’s YouTube channel
Brianna’s Patreon
Church of the SubGenius (my cult of choice)
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