Kenneth Copp: Amish Atheist – BONUS 2015 ARCHIVE INTERVIEW

From October 16, 2015:

Kenneth Copp grew up in a Fundamentalist Christian family and eventually made his way into an Old Order Amish community. After 30 years of being Amish, he deconverted to atheism. Although he is no longer religious, he has kept many of the facets of Amish daily living. We will discuss his voyage from religion to atheism, the reaction of the Amish community and his unique fusion of modern technology and older ways of living and the motivations behind this. Kenneth is also working on a book to share his fascinating story with others.

Kenneth’s woodworking business website:

Intro Music: ‘Universal Warrior (Special Edition)’ by Gorowski (

Outro Music: ‘He Calls That Religion’ by Smokey Hormel (

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