Erin, OG Aristotle, Derrick: Living with Misophonia

On this episode I have two awesome guests who open up to talk about misophonia (

As of 2016 the literature on misophonia was limited. Some small studies show that people with misophonia generally have strong negative feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions to specific sounds, which the literature calls “trigger sounds”. These sounds are apparently usually soft, but can be loud. One study found that around 80% of the sounds were related to the mouth (eating, slurping, chewing or popping gum, whispering, etc.), and around 60% were repetitive. A visual trigger may develop related to the trigger sound. It also appears that a misophonic reaction can occur in the absence of an actual sound.

Erin Moss discusses triggers and how she copes. She also talks about the severity of her reactions.

OG Aristotle talks about his triggers and some difficult scenarios with television, movies and others eating. He talks about the degree of debilitation he deals with on a daily basis.

During both interviews, I share my own comparatively minor issues which some might see as being similar to misophonia but are by no means the same thing. I apologize in retrospect for sometimes going on and on about my own situation and hope it didn’t take the spotlight too much off the very real challenges misophonia brings.

I also read a message received on Reddit from Derrick about the distress and rage caused by exposure to certain kinds of sound.

The misophonia Reddit (Where I met OG Aristotle, Erin and Derrick) appears to be one of the best support groups out there for people suffering from this condition!


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