Moonbear: Skateboarding, Modeling, Movies and Nipple Stickers!

This episode, Kabrina H Adams (aka Moonbear) joins me to discuss how she got into skateboarding, multimedia production (podcasting and DJing), modelling and acting. We also talk about public ‘nudity’ because she is a body freedom activist — it is not against the law for women to have exposed breasts in New York City and she wants women to have the same freedom as men and not be forced to cover up.

Her Instagram is

Her YouTube is moonbeardiedhere:

Her podcast is

Her website, which includes information about nipple stickers is at

Kabrina appeared in That One Day, a short film for Miu Miu by Crystal Moselle (

The amazing success of this film propelled Kabrina and other members of the Skate Kitchen — a group of mostly women skateboarders in New York City — to broader appeal. This ushered the way to an actual feature length film called Skate Kitchen which premiered at Sundance in Utah!

Skate Kitchen Instagram:

Skate Kitchen YouTube:

As usual title and end music used with permission from the Fantastic Plastics:

In this episode, additional music is used with permission from the awesome omiboi:



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