Vince Rocca: The Story Behind ‘Kisses and Caroms’

Vince Rocca talks about the hurdles involved with producing an independent movie in Hollywood these days compared to the already extremely challenging situation back when he was able to make Kisses and Caroms (trailer) in 2004 for $10,000 and get it distributed after a long and depressing slog at it which nearly cost him his life! It went on to make $1,000,000 in video sales, but did Vince see any of that?

Tagline to his book, Rebel Without a Deal:

Discover how a High School dropout made his first movie in five days for $11,000 and got it distributed by Warner Bros. where it grossed over $1,000,000.00, Yes, Million.

Vince will tell us about the treacherous road of distribution companies who run out of money and go broke. He’ll also talk about his passion – editing – and why that gives you ultimate control over the story.

If you’re any kind of content creator, in film or on the Internet, many parts of this interview may resonate!

Vince is now an editor by trade on many popular shows like Hell’s Kitchen! Check out some of his work on these shows!


Kisses and Caroms trailer:

Vince’s book about the making of Kisses and Caroms: ‘Rebel Without a Deal’

Special thanks to longtime listener Tim Chizmar who put me in touch with Vince!

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