Kara Crabb: Bat Hats, Racoons, Pee, and Post Apocalyptic Ritual Cannibalism

Kara Crabb made internet history back in 2011, when she — with the help of her friend Kara Lis Coverdale — taped old baguettes and lettuce to herself and sat atop Mount Royal in Montreal waiting for the racoons to come! This truly added steam to her unusual years exploring all that was gross and unusual for the sake of humor and science writing for VICE magazine!

You can read Kara’s contributions to VICE over at her profile page: https://www.vice.com/en_us/contributor/kara-crabb

In this episode we’ll be talking about her raccoon escapade, how she experimented drinking urine to whiten teeth and how she sampled her, well, cervical mucus. Okay it’s a little gross, but it’s definitely different and funny!

We’ll also discuss Kara’s play, Royal Jelly, in while she tells the story of three polyamorous wives who must eat their dead husband ritualistically to survive in a post nuclear apocalypse age. It gets weirder from there!

In addition to this, Kara wrote (and sometimes) acted in plays like Royal Jelly (Apt 613 review),  The Stillbirth (script here), and The Reproductive Life Cycle of a Flower (ergodeath).

Kara can be found over at Twitter: @karacrabb

I’m very likely missing something here. Kara is a playwright, actor, author, linguist, video producer and all round genius in my books!

The introduction track Royal Jelly Waltz was provided by Montreal composer and musician Kara Lis Coverdale. She’s good friends with Kara, too.

Check out Kara Lis Coverdale’s Bandcamp page: https://kara-liscoverdale.bandcamp.com/

You’ll find some more weirdness like Kara’s Kitchen over at Home Garden Parade!

Thanks to the Fantastic Plastics for letting me play their latest track She Don’t Use Jelly!

Remember they will be in the VANS WARPED TOUR this summer!


As usual, theme music (start and end) is used with permission and is by Kromatiks Music!

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