Brianna: Morena in Japan

This week I talk with Brianna, aka “Milky” Morena in Japan! Morena moved to Osaka when she was 18 and has been there for almost a year. While there, she has put out YouTube videos and Instagram stories where she shares about being a young black woman in Japan. From her Patreon:

Hi guys! As many of you know, I moved to Japan on my own at 18 to study Japanese Politics and Global Studies in one of the best universities in Kansai! I will be living in Japan from now until 2021 (possibly beyond) and I would love to share my journey with you! My content will be multidimensional, ranging from Japanese living + tips and tricks, mental health (BPD, anxiety, depression), political theories, the book I’m writing, and of course, hoeing. Get ready.

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C and D: Swinging Downunder

Here’s a fascinating and fun interview with C and D from the Swinging Downunder podcast! Set up in my kitchen (because they are Aussies living in Singapore and I’m here in Montreal — so I was kicked out of the studio/master bedroom!)

We talk about misconceptions about swinging, their experiences with swinging, how they got into it. We talk about jealousy and what swinging clubs are like and the swingers community (the lifestyle/LS). We talk about cuckolding, BDSM, hotwifing, polyamory… whewf!

Also listen to some first hand stories about slipping on lube and hitting your head on the ceiling while in a foursome… or that time they had sex in the back of a moving cab in Thailand. Strap yourself in — or get strapped in. This episode is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Then stay tuned to the end for a track from friends of the show, Real G3nius! Their track I’m Fine!

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Roxanne Price: Working at the Love Ranch North Brothel

In this episode I talk with Roxanne Price (@RoxannePriceGFE) (NSFW) who works at the Love Ranch North (@LoveRanchNorth) (NSFW) in Carson Nevada! We talk about how she went from normal small town Texas girl to prostitute in one of the state’s legal brothels owned by Dennis Hof (of HBO’s Cathouse: The Series fame).

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Amanda Liberty: Objectum Sexuality

I’m thrilled to be speaking with the delightful Amanda Liberty about her prior relationship with her drums and flags and her current love for the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

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Emilia Bronte and Booty Plunder: Acting in Feminist Porn

Back in episode 2, I had feminist porn director Laura Glass (blog) on the show to talk about her upcoming movie, The Color of Her Desire. 

This week, I’m happy to have the two actors who star in this film – under their porn pseudonyms: Booty Plunder and Emilia Bronte. Emilia also wrote the script for the film.

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Laura Glass: Feminist Porn

I talk with porn director and producer Laura Glass about feminist pornography. She will be premiering her new erotic film ‘The Color of Her Desire’ at the ‘Color of Desire’ art show art show on Feb 13th.

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