56 * Swinging Down Under

Here’s a fascinating and fun interview with C and D from the Swinging Down Under podcast! Set up in my kitchen (because they are Aussies living in Singapore and I’m here in Montreal — so I was kicked out of the studio/master bedroom!)

We talk about misconceptions about swinging, their experiences with swinging, how they got into it. We talk about jealousy and what swinging clubs are like and the swingers community (the lifestyle/LS). We talk about cuckolding, BDSM, hotwifing, polyamory… whewf!

Also listen to some first hand stories about slipping on lube and hitting your head on the ceiling while in a foursome… or that time they had sex in the back of a moving cab in Thailand. Strap yourself in — or get strapped in. This episode is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Then stay tuned to the end for a track from friends of the show, Real G3nius! Their track I’m Fine!

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42 * Long Haul Truckin’ with JR Roloff

This episode I talk with long haul trucker JR Roloff about what it’s like to haul freight across the US in a big 18 wheeler! We talk about bad drivers, truck stops, and lot lizards among other things.

The Palominos



Preview for Lot Lizard (https://vimeo.com/45457853)


Music and Effects Credits

Waysted by Kromatix Music

18 Wheels  by The Palominos


highway traffic jam

Lot Lizard trailer (see above)

Bad Habits by Kromatix Music

40 * Killer Video Game: The POLYBIUS Mystery

After a month long hiatus mostly due to colds and flus, I’m happy to present this conversation I had with writer, director and producer Todd Luoto from Los Angeles and previous guest Natalie Zarrelli from New York! We talk about the mysterious video game Polybius, about which Natalie wrote over at Atlas Obscura:

Gamers who tried it couldn’t stop playing, and began acting oddly: they were nauseous, stressed, had horrific nightmares. Others had seizures or attempted suicide, many felt unable to control their own thoughts. It was only later that they recalled how Polybius was serviced more often than other games. Men in black suits opened the machine every week, recorded its data, and left, with no interest in its coins. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—taken by the men in black suits, leaving no record of its existence.

Todd and Jon Frechette wanted to explore this mystery and set about to make a documentary with a Kickstarter project. Unfortunately, that project didn’t raise the required capital. So instead, they will be launching a podcast about mysterious American urban legends and the first season will be dedicated to the Polybius conspiracy. It will be called Unknown USA: The Polybius Conspiracy!

Here’s the trailer Todd and Jon Frechette made for the original video version of this project which will be replaced with a podcast. (http://bit.ly/1Fmp0sD) I will give you a good idea of just how spooky the urban legend of POLYBIUS is.



Todd Luoto


Natalie Zarrelli

Atlas Obscura: The Urban Legend of the Government’s Mind-Controlling Arcade Game:
The twisted tale of Polybius, the world’s most dangerous video game: http://bit.ly/2nqQi9R



Music and Sample Credits

Waysted – Kromatiks Music

Amazing 80’s Home Arcade Game Room – Doug’s Home Arcade Collection (https://youtu.be/1I1p0ih0V0A)

In the Game Part 1 – Matt McLellan (http://bit.ly/2nqLnWC)

Left: Azuria Sky (http://bit.ly/2nqPNfZ)

Things We Almost Lost – Azuria Sky (http://bit.ly/2ngQuti)

In the Game Part 2 – Matt McLellan (http://bit.ly/2mwwN0G)

Image credit: (http://bit.ly/2mdCb7M) Newsilver95

17 * It’s A Super Pee Pee Time!

Jeff Mac is half of the absurdist comedy podcast Super Pee Pee Time. In this episode, I enlist former guest Logospilgrim — who is a huge fan of Jeff’s podcast — to help me discuss deep and meaningful topics of comedy whilst listening to zany little clips from the program.

Pee Pee Time