49 * The Volunteer: Nudism, Activism & Public Nudity with D.H. Jonathan!

Time to learn a little about body freedom and nudism with this episode’s guest D.H. Johnson who started doing nude modelling at a university 33 years ago and has written a book about what it would be like for someone to live their life completely naked in our current clothed society: The Volunteer!

We’ll talk about how he first started nude modelling for art classes, what Regis Philbin had to say about this on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and a couple of prominent nude activists — one who went naked on campus at Berkeley and the other who regularly strips naked in protest at city council meetings in San Francisco.

We’ll go over why nudists feel so strongly about being able to walk freely without clothing and, of course, we’ll talk about his new book. Tawny Platis from the Dirty Bits podcast also reads a few short extracts from the book as well!

Here’s a complete list of audio used in this episode:

D.H Jonathan’s Webpage: https://dhjonathan.com/

Book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Volunteer-Novel-D-H-Jonathan/dp/1534635246/

Tawny Platis’ webpage: https://www.tawnyvoice.com/

The ‘Dirty Bits’ podcast: https://www.tawnyvoice.com/dirtybits

M*A*S*H:  http://bit.ly/2zmo5IA

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: http://bit.ly/2iBh1jp

Gypsy Taub at City Council: http://www.mynakedtruth.tv/2017/09/naked-riot-at-the-berkeley-city-council-hearing-september-12-2017/

Themesong by the Fantastic Plastics: https://thefantasticplastics.bandcamp.com/

Sound effects behind Tawny’s reading:







15 * Comedy & Horror in the Nude with Tim Chizmar

Tim Chizmar is an actor, writer, comedian and avid nudist living and working in LA. I talk with him about nudism in America, nudist comedy in LA and his past naturalist-themed film project, Naked Alien Massacre! We also talk about his new project CHURCH:

STORY: Inspired by fiction set in religion/afterlife such as HELLBLAZER/CONSTANTINE, LUCIFER, THE CROW, PREACHER, GHOST RIDER, SPAWN, HELLBOY, etc “CHURCH” is the name of our title character, an unlikely hero in over his head and thrust in a situation beyond his comfort and his personal faith. Between battling demons, angels, hauntings, biker gangs, vampires, Lucifer, and even the possibility of the end of the world, CHURCH will find the true meaning of why we are here and whether anything we do matters. There’s a reason why if God does anything for you, its called a F*@!ing miracle.

With a cast of wrestling legends looking forward to showing the world that more performers than The Rock and Batista can cross over to the big screen. This film comes from the minds of 2-time Academy Award winner Jeryd Pojawa (Abyss & Terminator 2) and famed horror writer Tim Chizmar, whose work has appeared in Fangoria, icons of Fright and even had CLIVE BARKER saying of his work “Reaches past the conventions of the commonplace.”



Tim also has a story in the 18 Wheels of Horror anthology:

18 Wheels

So buckle up for this and much much much more!