Todd Luoto: The POLYBIUS Mystery

After a month long hiatus mostly due to colds and flus, I’m happy to present this conversation I had with writer, director and producer Todd Luoto from Los Angeles and previous guest Natalie Zarrelli from New York! We talk about the mysterious video game Polybius, about which Natalie wrote over at Atlas Obscura:

Gamers who tried it couldn’t stop playing, and began acting oddly: they were nauseous, stressed, had horrific nightmares. Others had seizures or attempted suicide, many felt unable to control their own thoughts. It was only later that they recalled how Polybius was serviced more often than other games. Men in black suits opened the machine every week, recorded its data, and left, with no interest in its coins. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—taken by the men in black suits, leaving no record of its existence.

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Natalie Zarrelli: Meat Raffles, Groom Cakes and Cat Divorces!

After a couple of weeks of illness here at the McGuire home, I’m happy to bring you a new episode!

I’m happy to have Natalie Zarrelli back on the show to talk about a few of the recent topics she’s been writing about over at the awesome website Atlas Obscura!

We’ll be covering Meat RafflesGroom Cakes, and Cat Divorces!

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Natalie Zarrelli: Sideshows, Arcade Games and Ice Cream Wars

This week’s episode starts off in the same vein as last with a freakshow theme! Natalie Zarrelli lost her job one terrible day in Boston and rather than moping about it she joined a travelling sideshow! That’s wicked cool!

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