Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha: New Album and Potential Move

Awhile back I got an email from the Current Earthly Embodiment of Lord Mandek Penha, creator and leader of the Church of Sarrean Alignment about their new album on Spotify! I was able to track him down on the phone from what is apparently the restroom of an international airport somewhere in the middle of the night.

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Joe Newman: The Rudy Schwartz Project

In 1984, Joe Newman started leaving cassette tapes with music made with his cheap 4-track mixer on the front counter of The Record Exchange in Austin, Texas. People bought the cassette and thus was born — The Rudy Schwartz Project.

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Shirin Delsooz: Money, Music, Compostable Clothing, and Worms

Shirin Delsooz hit the open road from freezing Montreal to southern Texas with her husband back in 2016 and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s got a lot going on!

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Current Earthly Embodiment: Mandek Penha

The Current Earthly Embodiment or “C.E.E.” of Lord Mandek Penha and founder of the Church of Sarrean Alignment talks about the greatest threat to Humanity: the Hish’ry Cosh’ry and what needs to happen to liberate humanity from this spiritual threat.

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David Liebe Hart: Aliens & Songs!


David Liebe Hart is a very interesting person. He’s a comedian, singer, songwriter, street performer, puppeteer, actor, community television program producer, train fanatic and UFO abductee. He’s been on the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Golden Girls!

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Kelly Fraser: Songs in Inuktitut

Kelly Amaujaq Fraser is an Inuk (Inuit) singer from Sanikiluaq, Nunavut! Her Inuktitut version of Rihanna’s Diamonds went viral in 2013.

She’s also released her first album Isuma (Think) and is working on her next album in BC.

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Azuria Sky: Gameboy Music, Poetry and Synesthesia

Azuria Sky got her first Nintendo Gameboy when she was 9 or 10. She later discovered a whole world of musical composition on old video game platforms and she hasn’t looked back.

I talk to Sky about how she discovered making music on the Gameboy, the conventional musical instruments she plays, her computer nerdism from an early age, her struggles with mental health over the years, her synesthesia and her poetry! She is creating musical stories. Every song is a personal journal entry.

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Fantastic Plastics: Before the Show Interview!

A couple of weeks ago, I drove across the border to Vermont and met up with Miranda and Tyson, members of the fantastic FutureWave band the Fantastic Plastics! Check out their BandCamp and Facebook pages! Here’s their Twitter!

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Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert: Songs and Poetry

A beautifully intimate conversation with my friend, singer, songwriter and poet Eleuthera! We’ll have music, conversation and poetry! She’ll also tell us about her upcoming album and how you can help make it happen!


All music sung by Eleuthera!