Alexis Hunter: Joi Lansing’s Story As Told By Her Secret Lover

For guest Alexis Hunter there was no woman in the world more beautiful than television’s Marilyn MunroeJoi Lansing. Born in Utah, Joi rose to fame in Los Angeles to become a major blonde bombshell — appearing on the cover to LIFE magazine, starring alongside Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, appearing on the Beverly Hillbillies as a regular, offered a contract by Lucille Ball — hit on by Marilyn Munroe! Alexis got to meet Joi — and then they fell in love!

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Josh Mendoza: Cars and Stars!

When I was in Los Angeles for the first time this past February I noticed there sure were a lot of interesting people there. I also noticed that the drivers were — on the whole — just as aggressive… yes let’s put it that way… as they are in my home Montreal!

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Jin ‘n Tonic: Modeling, Horror Films and Corpses

This week, I talk to LA actress and model Jin ‘n Tonic! We talk about the recent passing of her Honda Civic (Lil Geisha); a little of her filmography — which includes a film called Aliens vs Titanic; her controversial work with Girls & Corpses which allegedly involved posing naked with a corpse; and her plans to go to a yoga retreat in Spain — help her out below! … And a whole lot more!

Jin’s GoFundMe to get her to Spain:

Jin’s official website: