Philo Drummond: J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius

Back in 1994, I walked into the Computer Science lab at McGill University here in Montreal for the first time and what did I see as a screensaver on some of the Unix machines? The floating disembodied grinning head of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs!

This got burnt into my mind and I would continue to run into “Bob” in print media, signs and stickers and on the Internet every so often for years until finally, I sent in my $35 for my own membership into the illustrious cult and got some Slack!

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Emilia Fart: A YouTube ICON affecting positive change through self expression

Holy Hannah, how the hell did I convince Emilia Fart to let me show up at her apartment with a bunch of podcast gear, drink her soda and share a slice of Dominos Pizza with her? She’s super awesome to let me go interview her. Continue reading “Emilia Fart: A YouTube ICON affecting positive change through self expression”

Mister Lobo: Cinéma Insomnia and OSI74

This episode is a tribute to the beloved late night horror host MR LOBO who — after spending an HOUR with me trying to get the technical issues fixed — graced me for another hour interview over Ringr from Pennsylvania, USA!

Mr Lobo has produced and hosted the hilarious late night show Cinema Insomnia  for the last 16 years! The show has run on local stations, PBS and across the internet on Vimeo and Roku! Continue reading “Mister Lobo: Cinéma Insomnia and OSI74”

Joe Newman: The Rudy Schwartz Project

In 1984, Joe Newman started leaving cassette tapes with music made with his cheap 4-track mixer on the front counter of The Record Exchange in Austin, Texas. People bought the cassette and thus was born — The Rudy Schwartz Project.

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Dylan Brody: Purveyor of Fine Words & Phrases

I’m thrilled to welcome Dylan Brody to the show! He started out a comedian with his first open mic at 17 years old in New York City and has worked with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, and Norm McDonald! Now he’s one of the most renowned humorists in America!

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Kara Crabb: Bat Hats, Racoons, Pee, and Post Apocalyptic Ritual Cannibalism

Kara Crabb made internet history back in 2011, when she — with the help of her friend Kara Lis Coverdale — taped old baguettes and lettuce to herself and sat atop Mount Royal in Montreal waiting for the racoons to come! This truly added steam to her unusual years exploring all that was gross and unusual for the sake of humor and science writing for VICE magazine!

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Mitch Markowitz: Hilarious House of Frightenstein

In 1971, Mitch Markowitz and his brother Rafael “Riff” Markowitz started filming their new children’s cult classic comedy horror sketch program The Hilarious House of Frightenstein! Back then, they had no idea just how popular it would become in Canada, the US and across the world.

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Jeff Mac, LogosPilgrim: It’s A Super Pee Pee Time!

Jeff Mac is half of the absurdist comedy podcast Super Pee Pee Time. In this episode, I enlist former guest Logospilgrim — who is a huge fan of Jeff’s podcast — to help me discuss deep and meaningful topics of comedy whilst listening to zany little clips from the program.


Mike Smith: Mormon Underwear, Comedy Fails and Stolen Couches

Mike Smith is co-host over at the excellent Poorly Summarized podcast. We’ll learn about his past as a Mormon growing up in Salt Lake City, his brief stint as a comedian and what it’s like to bomb a set.  We’ll also get some insight into what it’s like to deflake someone.

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Tim Chizmar: Comedy, Movies and Horror in the Nude

Tim Chizmar is an actor, writer, comedian and avid nudist living and working in LA. I talk with him about nudism in America, nudist comedy in LA and his past naturalist-themed film project, Naked Alien Massacre! We also talk about his new project CHURCH.

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