Chad Abramovich: Urban Exploring

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing an in-person interview with urban explorer Chad Abramovich in Burlington Vermont!

Chad runs the fascinating and visually stunning blog Obscure VermontDuring this interview we’ll talk about a post on the blog I found particularly poignant, House of the Syrup Folk.

The awkwardness started from the moment I got out of the car, and got a good look at the place over a forest of thorns and vines that had been tangled in the wind – a solitary trail sleuthed its way through the growth towards the house. Something had been through here recently. Staring up at it’s faded and splintery facade that almost matched the wilderness around it, there was something unsettling about the place. You could actually feel it’s age, and you could smell the smells – that typical old house perfume and rot that hung around the property like musk. Through the broken windows, the interior was pitch black, with secrets smothered in dirt. Though my fears weren’t routed in anything empirical, my skin was trembling.

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