Jeff Jorgenson: Funerals, Cremations and Burials (One)

I interview Seattle-based funeral director, Jeff Jorgenson! We talk about death and what it’s like to care for dead people — as well as the Order of the Good Death! This is part one of a two parter!

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Hank Pellissier: Secular Education in Uganda

I catch up with Hank Pellissier from the Brighter Brains Institute and talk about all the amazing charity work his organization is doing in Uganda to further secular education.

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Simon Dyck: Cockroach-a-geddon

I talk with my friend from highschool and college, Simon Dyck, about our grotty little apartment, Cockroachaggedon, heart attack inducing “deep dish” pizza, bed bugs and many more worthwhile things.

Oscar Leon: Aetherius Society – Cosmic Masters and Transmissions (Part 2)

This is the second half of an interview with Oscar Leon, reverend in the Aetherius Society – a group that believes in “Cosmic Masters” based in Hollywood.

Oscar Leon: Aetherius Society – Cosmic Masters and Transmissions (Part 1)

Many would call the Aetherius Society a “UFO cult”. I speak with reverend Oscar Leon about his personal beliefs and story. Frankly, I find much of it completely unbelievable, but Oscar’s a great guy, and we went for some delicious burgers after the interview.

Nicole Sallak Anderson: EHuman Dawn

Conversation with science fiction author and transhumanist Nicole Sallak Anderson.

Nicole’s blog:

Ilyssa: Fitness, Diet & Intersectional Feminism

I talk to Ilyssa about fitness, diet, feminism and even literature!

Twitter: @ohilyssa

Intro: ‘Heart Ache’ by Broke For Free (
Outro: ‘Curious’ by Jon Luc Hefferman (

Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert: Songs and Poetry

A beautifully intimate conversation with my friend, singer, songwriter and poet Eleuthera! We’ll have music, conversation and poetry! She’ll also tell us about her upcoming album and how you can help make it happen!


All music sung by Eleuthera!

Laura Glass: Feminist Porn

I talk with porn director and producer Laura Glass about feminist pornography. She will be premiering her new erotic film ‘The Color of Her Desire’ at the ‘Color of Desire’ art show art show on Feb 13th.

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LogosPilgrim: The Philosophy of Tiki and Genius of Pee Wee Herman

LogosPilgrim and I talk about the Tiki art and culture movement of the 50s, 60s and 70s. This gets tied in with Lawrence Welk and North Korea. We also discuss the genius of Pee Wee Herman and his highly anticipated Netflix movie.

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