42 * Long Haul Truckin’ with JR Roloff

This episode I talk with long haul trucker JR Roloff about what it’s like to haul freight across the US in a big 18 wheeler! We talk about bad drivers, truck stops, and lot lizards among other things.

The Palominos



Preview for Lot Lizard (https://vimeo.com/45457853)


Music and Effects Credits

Waysted by Kromatix Music

18 Wheels  by The Palominos


highway traffic jam

Lot Lizard trailer (see above)

Bad Habits by Kromatix Music

41 * Current Earthly Embodiment of Mandek Penha

The Current Earthly Embodiment or “C.E.E.” of Lord Mandek Penha and founder of the Church of Sarrean Alignment talks about the greatest threat to Humanity: the Hish’ry Cosh’ry and what needs to happen to liberate humanity from this spiritual threat.

From the Mandek Penha website (www.mandekpenha.com):

The Current Earthly Embodiment is The Father’s Hand on earth. Inside The C.E.E is endless love, compassion and knowledge. He is our direct link to Mandek Penha’s Will and to our salvation.

그는 위대한 지도자입니다.

The C.E.E was born in 1803 where North Korea now exists. Today He resides in Melbourne Australia where he works tirelessly leading The Church of Sarrean Alignment. Throughout his existence He has walked the Earth, traveled the seas, and lived among every faction of Man.

Music video Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz) (http://bit.ly/2niuulk):


Music video When I Touch my Leg (http://bit.ly/2niGgfm):

Mandek Penha on the Internet:

web: https://mandekpenha.com/

bandcamp: https://mandekpenha.bandcamp.com/

youtube: http://bit.ly/2p7je7U

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandek.penha/

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandek_penha/


Tour Dates: (http://bit.ly/2nQkrQV)

Apr 11 – The Grand Poobah – Hobart, TAS
Apr 12 – The Toff In Town – Melbourne, VIC
Apr 13 – Jive Bar – Adelaide, SA
Apr 20 – Whammy Bar – Auckland, New Zealand


Music Credits:

Waysted – Kromatiks Music (http://bit.ly/2o8hvBq)

Home Within Mind (DEMO) – Mandek Penha

Don’t Wish for The Hish! – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2nJl11W)

Must Reach IMZ ._​|​:​- – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2niCSS0)

He Is Waiting For Me (Home​-​Land Remix 홈 토지) – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2niL3h4)

He Is Waiting For Me – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2nJl11W)

Old Habbits – Kromatiks Music (http://bit.ly/2o8hvBq)

Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz) – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2oKUXrQ)

40 * Killer Video Game: The POLYBIUS Mystery

After a month long hiatus mostly due to colds and flus, I’m happy to present this conversation I had with writer, director and producer Todd Luoto from Los Angeles and previous guest Natalie Zarrelli from New York! We talk about the mysterious video game Polybius, about which Natalie wrote over at Atlas Obscura:

Gamers who tried it couldn’t stop playing, and began acting oddly: they were nauseous, stressed, had horrific nightmares. Others had seizures or attempted suicide, many felt unable to control their own thoughts. It was only later that they recalled how Polybius was serviced more often than other games. Men in black suits opened the machine every week, recorded its data, and left, with no interest in its coins. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—taken by the men in black suits, leaving no record of its existence.

Todd and Jon Frechette wanted to explore this mystery and set about to make a documentary with a Kickstarter project. Unfortunately, that project didn’t raise the required capital. So instead, they will be launching a podcast about mysterious American urban legends and the first season will be dedicated to the Polybius conspiracy. It will be called Unknown USA: The Polybius Conspiracy!

Here’s the trailer Todd and Jon Frechette made for the original video version of this project which will be replaced with a podcast. (http://bit.ly/1Fmp0sD) I will give you a good idea of just how spooky the urban legend of POLYBIUS is.



Todd Luoto


Natalie Zarrelli

Atlas Obscura: The Urban Legend of the Government’s Mind-Controlling Arcade Game:
The twisted tale of Polybius, the world’s most dangerous video game: http://bit.ly/2nqQi9R



Music and Sample Credits

Waysted – Kromatiks Music

Amazing 80’s Home Arcade Game Room – Doug’s Home Arcade Collection (https://youtu.be/1I1p0ih0V0A)

In the Game Part 1 – Matt McLellan (http://bit.ly/2nqLnWC)

Left: Azuria Sky (http://bit.ly/2nqPNfZ)

Things We Almost Lost – Azuria Sky (http://bit.ly/2ngQuti)

In the Game Part 2 – Matt McLellan (http://bit.ly/2mwwN0G)

Image credit: (http://bit.ly/2mdCb7M) Newsilver95

39 * Cult of the Yellow Sign

I’m excited to have the Lovecraftian doomsday cult Cult of the Yellow Sign on this extended interview and indoctrination episode!

The Cult of The Yellow sign is a antirationalist sect of doomsday cultists hellbent on the destruction of your insignificant world. Through our devotion to the outer gods that swell and twist maddeningly in the center of the universe, we plan to reduce your meaningless planet to a burnt cinder of smoldering refuse. We are an equal opportunity employer with a comprehensive benefits package.

So listen up and learn about the comprehensive benefit packages, FREE CHILDCARE SERVICES, and POTLUCK ORGIES!

Catch up with them at:



Music and Audio Extracts

Waysted by Kromatiks Music

Cult of the Yellow Sign Recruitment Videohttps://youtu.be/6x8eDRFPcV4

Vampire Skull by Cult of the Yellow Sign: http://bit.ly/2kyuWFJ

Doublepentagonagram by Cult of the Yellow Sign: http://bit.ly/2kKEVJ7

April 2015: Spring Has Sprung from KUULT RADIO: Live From the Tower of Sorrows!: http://bit.ly/2lPGoyQ

Old Habits by Kromatiks Music

Coffin Stuffers by Cult of the Yellow Sign from their upcoming album Top of the Pile

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38 * Sword Swallowing Krystal Pohaku aka Winnie the Clown!

Krystal Pohaku swallows swords, walks on lego and puts herself into boxes of blades! She is also the lovable Winnie the ClownShe performs with Freakshow Deluxe who’s reverend Tommy Gunn was on a previous episode!

In this episode, I’m thrilled to talk to Krystal about how she got into clowning and sword swallowing. We’ll also talk about her other acts too. She also appeared in a BuzzFeed video and two movies — so we’ll definitely talk about that!

I’M ALSO SORT OF AFRAID OF CLOWNS! We’ll touch on that a bit too.

Krystal also weighs in about the scary clown craze that seemed to sweep the nation for no reason last year.

You can catch up with Winnie the Clown on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WinnieLuvYu/

Here is her cameo on Buzzfeed Video! (http://bit.ly/2kRGm89)

Waysted by Kromatiks music.

Winnie Clown introduction provided by Krystal Pohaku.

The acts you are about to see are real.. is from the following YouTube clip from Chuck Bosley: https://youtu.be/lfypKjUNz-o

Rodents and Robots by Matt McLellan (aka Counterpoint): http://bit.ly/2kRftRG

Extract from the short film Spidora: An Eight Legged Love Storyhttp://www.spidoramovie.com/

Extract from the movie Grindsploitation: http://www.troma.com/films/grindsploitationthe-movie/

Old Habits by Kromatiks music.