45 David Harris: Church of Satan

Church of Satan Magister David Harris (@dharrispodcast) talks to me about what Satanism is and what it isn’t. We talk about the church’s founder, Anton Szandor LaVey and some basic tenets of this atheist religion which doesn’t believe in the devil, demons or gods.

You can learn more about the Church of Satan over at http://churchofsatan.com:

Founded on April 30, 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, we are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence. To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body. He represents pride, liberty, and individualism—qualities often defined as Evil by those who worship external deities, who feel there is a war between their minds and emotions.

If you’re feeling frisky (NSFW!) you can check out David’s spanking and smoking fetish project he works on with his wife Heidee Nytes (HeideeNytes) at http://heideenytes.com/wp/.

You can find Heidee’s podcast (under name Heather Height) called Something Different (http://somethingdifferent.libsyn.com/)

Music and Audio Segments

(Intro music) Gee Dub Heights by the Fantastic Plastics (http://bit.ly/2ujbpkM)

Church of Satan: 50 Years of Satanism & Beyond by Church of Satan (https://youtu.be/k7PjwrKZmME)

6-6-06: The Satanic High Mass by Church of Satan (http://bit.ly/2wURaJJ)

Old Habits by Kromatiks

44 * Money, Music, Compostable Clothing, and Worms

Shirin Delsooz hit the open road from freezing Montreal to southern Texas with her husband back in 2016 and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s got a lot going on!

We talk about money (http://bit.ly/2vJP39Z) — what the hell is it anyway?

We talk about self sustainability, vermi composting, 100% compostable clothing.

We talk about lucid dreaming and her paralysis dream experiend!

And we talk about her music too!

Shirin’s website: http://www.shirindelsooz.com/

Shirin’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucidlivingmusic

Clothing Line

Havah Designs : 100% compostable and ethical garments. Local organic cotton fabric, organic cotton thread, plant-based dyes and handmade!


Youtube Channel

After Plastic Society: http://bit.ly/2eD2KV0


Shirin’s Music Videos

Quantitative Easing (http://bit.ly/2vJP39Z)

Track Listing

(Intro music) Gee Dub Heights by the Fantastic Plastics (http://bit.ly/2ujbpkM)

Me vs. Peter Pan by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uKiWtC)

Crowns Land by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uRS1gj)

Quantitative Easing by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2ukljBd)

(Youtube) Top 10 Best Vermicomposting Tips – How To Maintain Your Vermicompost Bin by After Plastic Society (http://bit.ly/2uII58o)

Trip to Ahvaz by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uKn3pE)

Old Habits by Kromatiks

Red Lobster by Titty Citty (http://bit.ly/2vu3Iac)


Remember you can check out Titty Citty’s Kickstarter to help launch their album (https://igg.me/at/tittycitty/x)!

Titty Citty’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tcittymusic/

43 * Bat Hats, Racoons, Pee, and Post Apocalyptic Ritual Cannibalism

Kara Crabb made internet history back in 2011, when she — with the help of her friend Kara Lis Coverdale — taped old baguettes and lettuce to herself and sat atop Mount Royal in Montreal waiting for the racoons to come! This truly added steam to her unusual years exploring all that was gross and unusual for the sake of humor and science writing for VICE magazine!

You can read Kara’s contributions to VICE over at her profile page: https://www.vice.com/en_us/contributor/kara-crabb

In this episode we’ll be talking about her raccoon escapade, how she experimented drinking urine to whiten teeth and how she sampled her, well, cervical mucus. Okay it’s a little gross, but it’s definitely different and funny!

We’ll also discuss Kara’s play, Royal Jelly, in while she tells the story of three polyamorous wives who must eat their dead husband ritualistically to survive in a post nuclear apocalypse age. It gets weirder from there!

In addition to this, Kara wrote (and sometimes) acted in plays like Royal Jelly (Apt 613 review),  The Stillbirth (script here), and The Reproductive Life Cycle of a Flower (ergodeath).

Kara can be found over at Twitter: @karacrabb

I’m very likely missing something here. Kara is a playwright, actor, author, linguist, video producer and all round genius in my books!

The introduction track Royal Jelly Waltz was provided by Montreal composer and musician Kara Lis Coverdale. She’s good friends with Kara, too.

Check out Kara Lis Coverdale’s Bandcamp page: https://kara-liscoverdale.bandcamp.com/

You’ll find some more weirdness like Kara’s Kitchen over at Home Garden Parade!

Thanks to the Fantastic Plastics for letting me play their latest track She Don’t Use Jelly!

Remember they will be in the VANS WARPED TOUR this summer!


As usual, theme music (start and end) is used with permission and is by Kromatiks Music!

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42 * Long Haul Truckin’ with JR Roloff

This episode I talk with long haul trucker JR Roloff about what it’s like to haul freight across the US in a big 18 wheeler! We talk about bad drivers, truck stops, and lot lizards among other things.

The Palominos



Preview for Lot Lizard (https://vimeo.com/45457853)


Music and Effects Credits

Waysted by Kromatix Music

18 Wheels  by The Palominos


highway traffic jam

Lot Lizard trailer (see above)

Bad Habits by Kromatix Music

41 * Current Earthly Embodiment of Mandek Penha

The Current Earthly Embodiment or “C.E.E.” of Lord Mandek Penha and founder of the Church of Sarrean Alignment talks about the greatest threat to Humanity: the Hish’ry Cosh’ry and what needs to happen to liberate humanity from this spiritual threat.

From the Mandek Penha website (www.mandekpenha.com):

The Current Earthly Embodiment is The Father’s Hand on earth. Inside The C.E.E is endless love, compassion and knowledge. He is our direct link to Mandek Penha’s Will and to our salvation.

그는 위대한 지도자입니다.

The C.E.E was born in 1803 where North Korea now exists. Today He resides in Melbourne Australia where he works tirelessly leading The Church of Sarrean Alignment. Throughout his existence He has walked the Earth, traveled the seas, and lived among every faction of Man.

Music video Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz) (http://bit.ly/2niuulk):


Music video When I Touch my Leg (http://bit.ly/2niGgfm):

Mandek Penha on the Internet:

web: https://mandekpenha.com/

bandcamp: https://mandekpenha.bandcamp.com/

youtube: http://bit.ly/2p7je7U

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandek.penha/

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandek_penha/


Tour Dates: (http://bit.ly/2nQkrQV)

Apr 11 – The Grand Poobah – Hobart, TAS
Apr 12 – The Toff In Town – Melbourne, VIC
Apr 13 – Jive Bar – Adelaide, SA
Apr 20 – Whammy Bar – Auckland, New Zealand


Music Credits:

Waysted – Kromatiks Music (http://bit.ly/2o8hvBq)

Home Within Mind (DEMO) – Mandek Penha

Don’t Wish for The Hish! – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2nJl11W)

Must Reach IMZ ._​|​:​- – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2niCSS0)

He Is Waiting For Me (Home​-​Land Remix 홈 토지) – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2niL3h4)

He Is Waiting For Me – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2nJl11W)

Old Habbits – Kromatiks Music (http://bit.ly/2o8hvBq)

Men Teach the Boiz (Gurlz Kiss the Boiz) – Mandek Penha (http://bit.ly/2oKUXrQ)