Josh Mendoza: Cars and Stars!

When I was in Los Angeles for the first time this past February I noticed there sure were a lot of interesting people there. I also noticed that the drivers were — on the whole — just as aggressive… yes let’s put it that way… as they are in my home Montreal!

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Natalie Zarrelli: Sideshows, Arcade Games and Ice Cream Wars

This week’s episode starts off in the same vein as last with a freakshow theme! Natalie Zarrelli lost her job one terrible day in Boston and rather than moping about it she joined a travelling sideshow! That’s wicked cool!

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Thomas Nealeigh: It’s a FreakShow Deluxe!

This week I’m thrilled to be talking with the Rev. Tommy Gunn (aka Thomas Nealeigh) from Freakshow Deluxe!

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Miles Greb: After the Gold Rush

Miles Greb is a comic writer based in Seattle and has produced the science-based comic After the Gold Rush.

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Jeff Mac, LogosPilgrim: It’s A Super Pee Pee Time!

Jeff Mac is half of the absurdist comedy podcast Super Pee Pee Time. In this episode, I enlist former guest Logospilgrim — who is a huge fan of Jeff’s podcast — to help me discuss deep and meaningful topics of comedy whilst listening to zany little clips from the program.


Mike Smith: Mormon Underwear, Comedy Fails and Stolen Couches

Mike Smith is co-host over at the excellent Poorly Summarized podcast. We’ll learn about his past as a Mormon growing up in Salt Lake City, his brief stint as a comedian and what it’s like to bomb a set.  We’ll also get some insight into what it’s like to deflake someone.

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Tim Chizmar: Comedy, Movies and Horror in the Nude

Tim Chizmar is an actor, writer, comedian and avid nudist living and working in LA. I talk with him about nudism in America, nudist comedy in LA and his past naturalist-themed film project, Naked Alien Massacre! We also talk about his new project CHURCH.

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Emilia Bronte and Booty Plunder: Acting in Feminist Porn

Back in episode 2, I had feminist porn director Laura Glass (blog) on the show to talk about her upcoming movie, The Color of Her Desire. 

This week, I’m happy to have the two actors who star in this film – under their porn pseudonyms: Booty Plunder and Emilia Bronte. Emilia also wrote the script for the film.

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Richard McColl: Adventures in Colombia

I’m thrilled to have Richard McColl on the program! He’s an author, journalist, blogger, podcaster, and hotelier born in the UK but now living with his wife and young son in Bogota Colombia! Stay tuned for volcanos, forced border-side shaves, foot parasites and accounts of the stunning beauty of Colombia. Continue reading “Richard McColl: Adventures in Colombia”

Jin ‘n Tonic: Modeling, Horror Films and Corpses

This week, I talk to LA actress and model Jin ‘n Tonic! We talk about the recent passing of her Honda Civic (Lil Geisha); a little of her filmography — which includes a film called Aliens vs Titanic; her controversial work with Girls & Corpses which allegedly involved posing naked with a corpse; and her plans to go to a yoga retreat in Spain — help her out below! … And a whole lot more!

Jin’s GoFundMe to get her to Spain:

Jin’s official website: