Fantastic Plastics: Before the Show Interview!

A couple of weeks ago, I drove across the border to Vermont and met up with Miranda and Tyson, members of the fantastic FutureWave band the Fantastic Plastics! Check out their BandCamp and Facebook pages! Here’s their Twitter!

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Natalie Zarrelli: Meat Raffles, Groom Cakes and Cat Divorces!

After a couple of weeks of illness here at the McGuire home, I’m happy to bring you a new episode!

I’m happy to have Natalie Zarrelli back on the show to talk about a few of the recent topics she’s been writing about over at the awesome website Atlas Obscura!

We’ll be covering Meat RafflesGroom Cakes, and Cat Divorces!

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Billy Swan: Bedbugs and Rats!

Billy Swan is head exterminator for NYC Pest Control in Brooklyn. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about the fascinating, terrifying and rather alien life of bedbugs — New York’s most unwelcome guests! We also talk about rats too. We hear both cringe-worthy stories and useful facts about bedbugs and the wild rats who dwell under America’s largest city.

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Kelly: Vacation Adventure!

It’s vacation season! Happy Summer! I’m joined by my wife Kelly to discuss some of our experiences traveling!

I read the worst/best hotel review ever with HORROR Hotel opening in the background. We talk about our adventures in New Hampshire, New York City, Frankfurt and Barbados. Centipedes and land crabs! Also includes a vintage Howard Johnson’s advertisement. Continue reading “Kelly: Vacation Adventure!”

Sister Kate: Healing Weed from the Sisters of the Valley

Sister Kate from the Sisters of the Valley talks to me about why and how she started her sacred order of cannabis growing women in the Central Valley of California!

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Mitch Markowitz: Hilarious House of Frightenstein

In 1971, Mitch Markowitz and his brother Rafael “Riff” Markowitz started filming their new children’s cult classic comedy horror sketch program The Hilarious House of Frightenstein! Back then, they had no idea just how popular it would become in Canada, the US and across the world.

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LogosPilgrim: Cosplay, Comics, Chaplin and Albator!

Happy Canada Day! This week the podcast starts with a proper patriotic salute to Canada in 1908 – with the 1908 version of O Canada. You can follow along to the stirring lyrics here.

Then we’re joined by now veteran guest of the show, LogosPilgrim! The conversation will be a little more relaxed and broader this holiday weekend because it’s the holiday weekend! We’ll talk about…

White Tiger’s tight outfit! Spiderman in tights! Charlie Chaplin! Capitaine Albator — an anime extremely popular in France, Quebec and Italy! Cosplay! … and more!

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Eric Miller: 18 Wheels of Horror!

This week I’m happy to talk with Eric Miller who is editor of and contributor to 18 Wheels of Horrorwhich is a recently released horror story anthology in the small but growing genre of trucking fiction!

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Josh Mendoza: Cars and Stars!

When I was in Los Angeles for the first time this past February I noticed there sure were a lot of interesting people there. I also noticed that the drivers were — on the whole — just as aggressive… yes let’s put it that way… as they are in my home Montreal!

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Natalie Zarrelli: Sideshows, Arcade Games and Ice Cream Wars

This week’s episode starts off in the same vein as last with a freakshow theme! Natalie Zarrelli lost her job one terrible day in Boston and rather than moping about it she joined a travelling sideshow! That’s wicked cool!

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