54 Brimstone: Wrestling, Radio Shows and Long Island!

I’m thrilled to have Brimstone (entrancetohell.com) on the show!  From his online bio:

Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over three decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children’s book/video game hero. He’s been called a Renaissance man by many, but more accurately described as an entertainment entrepreneur.

We’ll talk about what got Brimstone into pro wrestling, a bit of about his online radio show The Grindhouse Radio, and some of the many many many other marketing and media projects he’s involved with. Comic book companies, food, radio shows — He’s even got his own sauce!

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53 Fabian Rush: Fhtagn Rock Opera of Dooom!

For years musician and film maker Fabian Rush wanted to make his dream project: a tribute to the seminal author H.P. Lovecraft. It would be a rock opera made by a fan who’s passionate about the author’s work and, through the power of campy B movie charm, draw people into Lovecraft’s dark world. Fabian raised $5,000 on Kickstarter, set up his green screen, called his musician friends and was off. What he created, Fhtagn: Rock Opera of Dooom, is something spectacular in my estimation. As soon as I saw it, I was sucked in and wanted to learn more!

I’m serious, this movie kicks ass. It uses its humour and campiness to bring you into a more serious and fascinating introduction to H.P. Lovecraft and his work. Devious!

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52 Peter Kulikowski: Dinosaur Love!

This episode I’m excited to have Dinosaur Love’s Peter Kulikowski on to discuss his band, Jesusaurus and how Dinosaurs and alien lizard beings interbred to bring forth human life!

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51 Vince Rocca: The Story Behind ‘Kisses and Caroms’

Vince Rocca talks about the hurdles involved with producing an independent movie in Hollywood these days compared to the already extremely challenging situation back when he was able to make Kisses and Caroms (trailer) in 2004 for $10,000 and get it distributed after a long and depressing slog at it which nearly cost him his life! It went on to make $1,000,000 in video sales, but did Vince see any of that?

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50 Marilyn Mansfield: Reborn Dolls, Real Dolls, Zombies!

Marilyn Mansfield started collecting dolls almost since birth! She kept them all and now has over 500 – including a rescued Real Doll, which she occasionally takes out to art exhibits and restaurants. She also makes her own Reborn Baby dolls which look very realistic and have actually helped elderly care homes.

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