52 * Dinosaur Love with Peter Kulikowski

This episode I’m excited to have Dinosaur Love’s Peter Kulikowski on to discuss his band, Jesusaurus and how Dinosaurs and alien lizard beings interbred to bring forth human life!

Dinosaur Love’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dinosaur-Love-194947803989985/

Peter’s bandcamp: https://i-love-dinosaurs.bandcamp.com/

Dinosaur Love’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dinosaurlove

Tracks Played

Jesusaurus Rex – http://bit.ly/2Bkz0Ua

I Wanna Be Fossilized – http://bit.ly/2j7ZZKr

Human Wife – http://bit.ly/2kCinLQ

WW2 Was Fought with Dinosaurs and Lazer Beams – http://bit.ly/2yJHMbm

Dinosaur Love: Aliens Helped the Dinosaurs Build the Pyramids – http://bit.ly/2zhB93O

Dinosaur Love: Where Have they Gone? – http://bit.ly/2Bk39mG

Dinosaur Love: Dinosaur Illuminati – http://bit.ly/2kCdZw7

Themesong and Outro song by the Fantastic Plastics: https://thefantasticplastics.bandcamp.com/

51 * Vince Rocca: The Story Behind ‘Kisses and Caroms’

Vince Rocca talks about the hurdles involved with producing an independent movie in Hollywood these days compared to the already extremely challenging situation back when he was able to make Kisses and Caroms (trailer) in 2004 for $10,000 and get it distributed after a long and depressing slog at it which nearly cost him his life! It went on to make $1,000,000 in video sales, but did Vince see any of that?

Tagline to his book, Rebel Without a Deal:

Discover how a High School dropout made his first movie in five days for $11,000 and got it distributed by Warner Bros. where it grossed over $1,000,000.00, Yes, Million.

Vince will tell us about the treacherous road of distribution companies who run out of money and go broke. He’ll also talk about his passion – editing – and why that gives you ultimate control over the story.

If you’re any kind of content creator, in film or on the Internet, many parts of this interview may resonate!

Vince is now an editor by trade on many popular shows like Hell’s Kitchen! Check out some of his work on these shows!



Kisses and Caroms trailer: http://bit.ly/2jG6sMC

Vince’s book about the making of Kisses and Caroms: ‘Rebel Without a Deal’

Special thanks to longtime listener Tim Chizmar who put me in touch with Vince!

50 * Marilyn Mansfield Talks Reborn Dolls, Real Dolls, Zombies & Everything in Between!

Marilyn Mansfield started collecting dolls almost since birth! She kept them all and now has over 500 – including a rescued Real Doll, which she occasionally takes out to art exhibits and restaurants. She also makes her own Reborn Baby dolls which look very realistic and have actually helped elderly care homes.

Marilyn specializes in horror reborn dolls! They’re scary little zombie babies and are super cute in a Chucky kind of way!

Check out Marilyn’s website and Facebook!



Her promo video from her website (http://bit.ly/2AZYG82):

You can see Marilyn and some of her amazing work at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, December 9th and 10th!: http://bit.ly/2z0r9cu

Opening report by NBC’s LXTV, Channel 4 in New York. Reporter: Ben Aaron (http://bit.ly/2jDPmm9)

Blog post image from video: http://bit.ly/2j8FZqG

Intro and outro music by Fantastic Plastics: https://thefantasticplastics.bandcamp.com/

End track is Zombies by Y Lime? : https://ylimee.bandcamp.com/track/zombies

49 * The Volunteer: Nudism, Activism & Public Nudity with D.H. Jonathan!

Time to learn a little about body freedom and nudism with this episode’s guest D.H. Johnson who started doing nude modelling at a university 33 years ago and has written a book about what it would be like for someone to live their life completely naked in our current clothed society: The Volunteer!

We’ll talk about how he first started nude modelling for art classes, what Regis Philbin had to say about this on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and a couple of prominent nude activists — one who went naked on campus at Berkeley and the other who regularly strips naked in protest at city council meetings in San Francisco.

We’ll go over why nudists feel so strongly about being able to walk freely without clothing and, of course, we’ll talk about his new book. Tawny Platis from the Dirty Bits podcast also reads a few short extracts from the book as well!

Here’s a complete list of audio used in this episode:

D.H Jonathan’s Webpage: https://dhjonathan.com/

Book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Volunteer-Novel-D-H-Jonathan/dp/1534635246/

Tawny Platis’ webpage: https://www.tawnyvoice.com/

The ‘Dirty Bits’ podcast: https://www.tawnyvoice.com/dirtybits

M*A*S*H:  http://bit.ly/2zmo5IA

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: http://bit.ly/2iBh1jp

Gypsy Taub at City Council: http://www.mynakedtruth.tv/2017/09/naked-riot-at-the-berkeley-city-council-hearing-september-12-2017/

Themesong by the Fantastic Plastics: https://thefantasticplastics.bandcamp.com/

Sound effects behind Tawny’s reading:







48 * DADA, Burning Man, Cacophony Society & Suicide Club with John Law!

Out of the cacophony of the universe came forty five minutes of cracking conversation with Burning Man co-founder, author, culture-jammer, DADAist, performer, urban explorer and a co-founder of the amazing Suicide Club and Cacophony Society — John Law!

John Law is one of the co-founders of the Cacophony Society, a Culture jamming group with open membership, inspired in part by his earlier participation in the Suicide Club, which was in turn influenced by dadaists and situationists. Cacophony Society began in San Francisco, California, but eventually spread to most major cities in the United States and some outside the US. Claims have been made that Cacophony Society no longer exists, although some chapters are still active. (Wikipedia)

In this episode, we talk about the highly influential DADA art movement, which spanned from the early twentieth century all the way to — arguably — the election of Ubu Roi… I mean Trump.

I’m thrilled to have him on and we’ve already planned a follow-up interview where John will tell us about the Cacophony Society and the Suicide Club — upon which Chuck Palahniuk partially based Fight Club.

Here’s some links you must follow!

John Law’s Webpage: johnwlaw.com

Cacophony Society: www.cacophony.org

Suicide Club: www.suicideclub.com

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society: http://bit.ly/2yMpzgR

Church of the SubGenius: www.subgenius.com

Church of the SubGenius movie KickStarter: http://bit.ly/SlackOn

Sound Credits

G-Dub Heights – Fantastic Plastics: http://bit.ly/2ujbpkM

Europe after the Rain: Dadaism and Surrealism (full movie): http://bit.ly/2yM5UvQ

Germany-DADA: An Alphabet of German DADAism: http://bit.ly/2zNSsaJ


Virginia Slims Cigarette Commercials: https://youtu.be/vXUbkIkwn2Y

Hour of Slack 001: http://bit.ly/2gGKOui  (Hour of Slack Archive)

Church of the SubGenius movie KickStarter: http://bit.ly/SlackOn