About Sean

When Sean was in high school, his English teacher pleaded with his parents to please buy him a word processor so he could write more fiction. They did and he ended up a computer programmer.

He kept at this and got a degree in Computer Science at McGill University in Montreal. Having caught the tech bubble wave of the late nineties, he lived alone in a small apartment buying expensive books off Amazon. Something was missing from his life.

After the tech bubble burst of the early 2000s, he left the tech industry and got a university degree in Classical Languages and Literature – which is a hoity toity path to being a lifelong barista at Starbucks.

Over-educated and burnt out, he spent years wandering through call centers and online survey gigs to afford his keep. Working nightshifts, selling over priced printer cartridges for scam companies, selling lottery tickets and Twizzlers to strippers in a convenience store and hanging out with carnies at the summer fair — Sean got to meet some interesting people.

Meanwhile, he also began to explore the world of alternate religion, becoming a bonfire leaping Wiccan neo-pagan, pantheist and neo-Platonistic weirdo. He’s finally settled on being a reverend in the fantastic Church of the SubGenius. Praise “BOB”!

He’s finally back in the computer field again, but his mind has been permanently warped… er… sculpted by the amazing people he’s met and the fantastic ideas he’s absorbed. Whether it be government conspiracies from data entry center employees at the bank at 3am in the morning, alien conspiracies from his father-in-law’s friend, life prolonging technology from the person at the convenience store or more germane influences — Sean is forever curious. He wants to discover new unusual and fantastic people and ideas and he wants to bring you along for the ride!