Roxanne Price: More about being a working girl at the Love Ranch North Bordello!

I didn’t get tonnes of feedback, but the numbers did not lie. Nevada working girl (legal prostitute) Roxanne Price’s episode was pretty popular. It was also a sort of introduction to the business of legal prostitution in the USA. I asked Roxanne back onto the show and she graciously accepted!

Roxanne works at the Bunny Ranch North in Nevada and in the previous episode with her you can get some background on what it’s like to work there — the mechanics of how the business works, routine STD tests, catered food platters, health coverage, time off, etc. Roxanne’s previous episode:

This episode, we want to talk a little more about Roxanne’s experiences doing the world’s oldest profession. Come chill out with Roxanne and me, learn a few things and relax for an hour!

Oh and as mentioned in the episode, a couple of years ago, Roxanne began reaching out to virgins on Reddit. Check out her Reddit AMA IamA Sex Worker Who Has Been Reaching Out To The Virgins Of Reddit AMA!:

My name is Roxanne Price and I recently posted a video reaching out to the virgins of Reddit, letting them know about the services I offer. My video received mixed responses but I wanted to give Redditors the opportunity to Ask Me Anything about what it’s like to be the confidante and first sex partner to over 200 virgins.

NSFW (DUH!!) — Roxanne’s Twitter:

Theme music is by the Fantastic Plastics:


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