Mister Lobo: Cinéma Insomnia and OSI74

This episode is a tribute to the beloved late night horror host MR LOBO who — after spending an HOUR with me trying to get the technical issues fixed — graced me for another hour interview over Ringr from Pennsylvania, USA!

Mr Lobo has produced and hosted the hilarious late night show Cinema Insomnia  for the last 16 years! The show has run on local stations, PBS and across the internet on Vimeo and Roku!

Shrouded in mystique, this innovative producer and host has presided over the nationally syndicated late-night TV show CINEMA INSOMNIA for over 16 years. The show has been seen in hundreds of television and cable markets. He produced a 2006 Halloween spectacular that had a footprint of 45 Million households. Dozens of episodes have been distributed on home video and can be streamed and downloaded via many services. (source)


Go here to watch episodes of Cinema Insomnia!: https://vimeo.com/channels/cinemainsomnia

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Check out Mr Lobo’s podcast!: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/tyytp-6299b/Sleepless-Knights-Podcast

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Media Credits:

Cinema Insomnia Theme hyper remix by Scott Moon

Regular intro music by the Fantastic Plastics:

Creepy background music is from the movie Daughter of Horror

Outro song is by Zoltar from “Technicolor Tarot Theatre”: https://youtu.be/ChibMY7YO4g

Church of the SubGenius: http://subgenius.com/

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