Isabelle Narayana: Pastafarian vs “DMV” (archive: MSAP #21)

I’ve been so busy with family and doing new interviews for future episodes of the podcast, that I don’t have any new content for you all! Luckily, this interview I did for episode 21 of my old podcast, My Secret Atheist Podcast, is probably new to most of you. This was back when I was much more in your face atheist – you know the type.

Next episode will be a NEW ONE. Until then, here’s an ‘archive’ episode from the old podcast.

December 13, 2015 show notes:

Pastafarian Isabelle Narayana went to court because she was not allowed to wear her pasta colander while getting her license photograph done at the SAAQ (Quebec DMV). The judge threw out the case, while people of other religions are allowed to wear even more concealing head coverings. In this episode, Isabelle gives some of her story that seems to have been missed by the media.

Intro Music: ‘Earth Versus the World’ by The Polish Ambassador (

Outro Music: ‘Behind The Seas’ by Possimiste (

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