Irrelevant News: The Story with Mars Argo, Titanic Sinclair and Poppy!

Okay this episode is going to be different.

I’ll admit it, this episode is UBER niche. I’ve been engrossed with the story Mars Argo, Titanic Sinclair and Poppy. If you will, you can follow me down the rabbit hole. In a nutshell, Mars Argo is the name of a woman and a band who rose to some notoriety in Chicago and then LA. They made awesome little videos on their channel grocerybagtv. But one day, much like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – 90 videos just disappeared off the site, Mars went completely missing and her boyfriend started making similar videos with a new girl – Poppy. For three years, people asked – WHERE’S MARS ARGO? It became a mystery people obsessed about.

I’m not the only one, there are hundreds of Argonauts on YouTube scouring the web for answers and theorizing about what’s actually going on.

Video: Delete Your Facebook (

Mars Argo music and videos were fucking brilliant.

After Mars Argo, videos mysteriously resumed with a new girl. The “Poppy” project was born – which is also freaking brilliant. Titanic is essentially a genius.

Video: The Clock is Ticking:

After three years, Mars Argo has returned and she’s suing her ex-boyfriend Titanic for essentially stealing her online persona and brand and physical and mental abuse.

Accompanying us into the rabbit hole is YouTuber Irrelevant News, who makes videos about the Mars Argo situation.

Irrelevant News YouTube Channel:

NOTE: Although I side pretty strongly with Mars Argo on this, I want to stress that NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVEN. So Titanic Sinclair is still considered innocent until proven guilty in a court and who knows if that will happen. I want to make this clear because he could be completely not guilty and that’s up to the courts to decide once and for all. Honestly, I have a lot of admiration for Titanic — he’s a technical genius and it’s sad that this whole thing is going down.

In the end, nobody deserves to get harassed. So leave Mars, Poppy and Titanic alone on the Internet please.

Exoticcandyfloss is raising money for a new microphone:

Original Mars Argo instrumental track which Exoticcandyfloss sang over:

Irrelevant News:

Mars Argo:

Titanic Sinclair



Machine Cover 1 by Exoticcandyfloss:–wPNVsrm1k

Machine Cover 2 by Heather Desanctis and Michael Cerasoli:

More detail about Mars Argo:

From Wikipedia:

Brittany Alexandria Sheets, professionally known as Mars Argo, is an American singer, actress and YouTuber.[1] She is best known for her collaboration with former boyfriend, video director and musician Titanic Sinclair[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] whom she met on MySpace.[9] Together, they moved to Chicago and became an indie pop duo, similarly named Mars Argo. They also co-owned a YouTube channel under the title Grocerybagdottv, where they uploaded music-related content and a series of social commentary videos, dubbed Computer Show. Their most popular non-music video is a 2014 episode of this series, titled “Delete Your Facebook,”[10] mocking social media usage and the website of the same name. The music video for “Using You”, the most well known single from the project, already counts more than 6 million views on Youtube.

The duo released their debut studio album, Technology Is a Dead Bird, on November 6th, 2009.[11][12] It was followed up with an acoustic EP, Internet Sessions, in 2010,[13] and another EP, Linden Place, in 2011.[14][15] They began working on their eventually scrapped second album with Chicago-based producer, Johnny K, soon after Technology Is a Dead Bird was released.[16][17][1] The couple moved to Los Angeles in 2012,[10] where they filmed and released the remainder of their YouTube channel’s uploads until early 2014, following the romantic separation of Argo and Sinclair. The band continued to perform during the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas,[18] before going on a permanent hiatus.

On April 17 2018, Mars filed a 44-page lawsuit against Corey Mixter (Titanic Sinclair) and his current collaborator Moriah Pereira (Poppy) alleging copyright infringement, stalking and emotional and physical abuse by Sinclair after their breakup and subsequent abandonment of the Mars Argo project.[19][20] That same day, Argo posted a message on her social media pages to address the lawsuit, thanking her fans for their support and confirming new music to come.[21][22]

Since this episode is about YouTube stars and conflicts between them. I put it up ahead of time over at YouTube! (

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  1. This so-called Mars Argo, Poppy expert started her YouTube channel the day Mars Argo filed her lawsuit you could have found more information on Google than with her. He name is relevant for her knowledge on Mars Argo and Poppy.

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