Jordan Robson: FEMEN USA!

On November 8th, 2016, Jordan Robson, stood at the Manhattan voting place where Donald Trump would appear with her colleague. They waited until the right moment – when the press would see them – broke free, and tore off their shirts to expose their bare breasts upon which were written in thick black ink: “HATE OUT OF MY POLLS” and “TRUMP GRAB YOUR BALLS!”

Both women are members of FEMEN. In fact, Jordan is the Head of FEMEN USA! (

Jordan Robson
From Twitter:

From the FEMEN website:

FEMEN is an international movement of topless political activists, wearing painted slogans on their chests, and flower crowns on their heads. Our slogans are short and biting, our breasts are our banners. Our powerful and provocative actions stem out of the necessity for militancy, and are always non-violent. The FEMEN movement was born in 2008 in Kyiv in Ukraine. From 2010 onwards, the activists became politicized and started to use their breasts as a support for their claims.


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Story covered by Huffington Post with two videos and tweets:

Robson, 28, and Topaloski, 30, walked around voters at the polling place, located in the school’s gym, while shouting “Grab your balls! Out of our polls!” according to the New York Daily News.

Those words appear to be an oblique reference to the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” recording of Trump boasting to Bill Bush that his celebrity status allows him to grab women “by the pussy” whenever he pleases.

Raw video of protest from YouTube (

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