Wes Rand: These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Western Novels!

Awhile back, guest Wes Rand (pen name) realized that aside from novels like the Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, there was a shortage of decent Conservative fiction out there. He also has a passion for western novels and was looking to write something gritty and real — less like Roy Rogers and more like Quentin Tarantino!

Enter Evil Stryker – a mean antihero not unlike Clint Eastwood’s characters from those fantastic old Spaghetti Westerns!


Once a respected Army officer and then, a successful investment banker, Stryker is now a man on the run from a murder he DID commit, justified or not. Proficient with gun and blade, he reacts to aggression with deadly efficiency, and desperate viciousness-much like a perpetually wounded animal fighting for survival. His adversaries seldom get a second chance. Most occupy graves. Weather and usage have worn letters from the stamped name, “MAJOR NEVILLE STRYKER” on the saddle skirt. Many say what remains is more fitting-“EVIL STRYKER.”

This character comes to a wild west town where rampant Communism plays out to an extreme. It’s a sort of morality play not unlike Animal Farm  (well, in my opinion at least). Wes read Ayn Rand’s Objectivism while stationed in the US in the armed forces back in the Vietnam War and it moulded his sense of morality and ethics.

We’ll talk about Libertarianism and how that might fit in with the books along with western books in general and how the bottom sort of fell out of the genre in the 1970s and then again later on. To make it in this genre you probably need something edgy and Wes’ books are gritty as hell.

Wes has three books released so far (https://bit.ly/2rcOO7s)

Left To Die

Ambushed and left for dead on the trail, Neville Stryker stumbles into town looking for his stolen horse. He also stumbles into a deadly political war being waged in the town of egalitaria. Formally named Bickford, it has been taken over by a murderous gang and the town’s leading citizen, Morgan Bickford, the female protagonist, persuades Stryker to aide her cause.  (https://bit.ly/2JK6myQ)

Cross Cut

Stryker takes on the logging industry and worker unrest in the Big Basin area of coastal California. He’s hired to protect a “steam donkey”, it’s owner, and the owner’s two beautiful nieces. (https://bit.ly/2w0ysUx)

Payback Is Hell

Hearst hires Stryker and his guns to collect on a poker debt. (https://bit.ly/2Ktz9J2)



Special thanks goes to friend of the show and previous guest, Tim Chizmar, who suggested Wes be on the show!

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