Jenna Jimenez: The Amazing Jennamal!

I’ve been trying to get Jenna Jimenez on the show for months after her best friend Esther Povitsky passed my show on to her suggesting maybe she’d be interested!  Jenna – aka. THE JENNAMAL – is a Force of Nature. You only need to visit her awesome Instagram to see that!

We discuss where the name Jennamal came from, her colourful youth, her body freedom — whether it be peeing outdoors or not being afraid to bare her chest and get harassed on beaches for doing what men can do with impunity. Bidets, pooping in tents, hygienic wipes and panic attacks are also discussed.

The sacred Yoni is also discussed – Jenna is a fan of the vagina because, after all, we all come out of them in the beginning. We talk about how under appreciated and misunderstood the vagina is – by both men and women.

We also talk about Jenna surviving a brutal laryngeal infection, which nearly killed her and her face being mulled by a dog requiring 150 stitches!

Most recently, you can find her as Marissa on the Sleep Over (S1 E8) of Esther’s show Alone Together over at FreeForm:

Her Instagram

Jenna Jimenez The Jennamal. Chi City to Try City ~~~If I have EVER showered at your place, I’ve peed in there too

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No sir, I did not wear this fucking shirt for you. I wasn’t “asking” for anything. And to that man(boy)who I punched and fell into the street and almost got hit by a bus, I wasn’t trying to kill you, only the part of you that thought it was ok to grab my ass. Nah. The amount of times I have been told by men and women, “ well maybe if you didn’t want that kind of attention, you shouldn’t have worn that”, is absolutely too high of a number. Also, has anyone seen my wardrobe? I like clown clothes, it definitely wasn’t cuz I wanted an ass grab. AND EVEN IF I DID. THAT WOULD ALSO BE OK. IT WOULD BE MY CHOICE. #fuckYouMean **this post also DOESNT mean that nipples are nothing and should be ignored or that women should be ignored or that women can’t WANT an ass grab. Nipples are fucking amazing damnit. It means your clothes ( for a START) should not be correlated at all with how you are mistreated. It. Is. Your. Fucking. Choice.

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She has appeared as a wee Jennamal on Endurance 2! (


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