55 * Dolph the Unicorn Killer and Other Stories with Martin Lastrapes

55 * Dolph the Unicorn Killer and Other Stories with Martin Lastrapes

Time to tune in and listen about Dolph the Unicorn Killer who tirelessly hunts the unicorn who killed his parents and peed on him at night as a child! You also need to know about City Marlow who lives in a cult where monogamy is forbidden and retirement means getting eaten by your neighbours!

I’m talking about the stories and novels by Martin Lastrapes who went from a college freshman who couldn’t read a single book to an award winning horror author.

Martin Lastrapes

Martin’s website: www.martinlastrapes.com

Martin Lastrapes Show Podcast Hour: www.martinlastrapesshow.com


Tim Chizmar

I’d like to thank long time friend of the show Tim Chizmar for putting me in touch with Martin Lastrapes and many other guests! You can find Tim’s IMDB at http://imdb.to/2DyJLGG.

You can find his episode at http://bit.ly/2ElU3WQ.


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