Marilyn Mansfield: Reborn Dolls, Real Dolls, Zombies!

Marilyn Mansfield started collecting dolls almost since birth! She kept them all and now has over 500 – including a rescued Real Doll, which she occasionally takes out to art exhibits and restaurants. She also makes her own Reborn Baby dolls which look very realistic and have actually helped elderly care homes.

Marilyn specializes in horror reborn dolls! They’re scary little zombie babies and are super cute in a Chucky kind of way!

Check out Marilyn’s website and Facebook!

Her promo video from her website (

You can see Marilyn and some of her amazing work at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, December 9th and 10th!:

Opening report by NBC’s LXTV, Channel 4 in New York. Reporter: Ben Aaron (

Blog post image from video:

Intro and outro music by Fantastic Plastics:

End track is Zombies by Y Lime? :

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