John Law: DADA, Burning Man, Cacophony Society & Suicide Club!

Out of the cacophony of the universe came forty five minutes of cracking conversation with Burning Man co-founder, author, culture-jammer, DADAist, performer, urban explorer and a co-founder of the amazing Suicide Club and Cacophony Society — John Law!

John Law is one of the co-founders of the Cacophony Society, a Culture jamming group with open membership, inspired in part by his earlier participation in the Suicide Club, which was in turn influenced by dadaists and situationists. Cacophony Society began in San Francisco, California, but eventually spread to most major cities in the United States and some outside the US. Claims have been made that Cacophony Society no longer exists, although some chapters are still active. (Wikipedia)

In this episode, we talk about the highly influential DADA art movement, which spanned from the early twentieth century all the way to — arguably — the election of Ubu Roi… I mean Trump.

I’m thrilled to have him on and we’ve already planned a follow-up interview where John will tell us about the Cacophony Society and the Suicide Club — upon which Chuck Palahniuk partially based Fight Club.

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G-Dub Heights – Fantastic Plastics:

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