44 * Money, Music, Compostable Clothing, and Worms

44 * Money, Music, Compostable Clothing, and Worms

Shirin Delsooz hit the open road from freezing Montreal to southern Texas with her husband back in 2016 and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s got a lot going on!

We talk about money (http://bit.ly/2vJP39Z) — what the hell is it anyway?

We talk about self sustainability, vermi composting, 100% compostable clothing.

We talk about lucid dreaming and her paralysis dream experiend!

And we talk about her music too!

Shirin’s website: http://www.shirindelsooz.com/

Shirin’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lucidlivingmusic

Clothing Line

Havah Designs : 100% compostable and ethical garments. Local organic cotton fabric, organic cotton thread, plant-based dyes and handmade!


Youtube Channel

After Plastic Society: http://bit.ly/2eD2KV0


Shirin’s Music Videos

Quantitative Easing (http://bit.ly/2vJP39Z)

Track Listing

(Intro music) Gee Dub Heights by the Fantastic Plastics (http://bit.ly/2ujbpkM)

Me vs. Peter Pan by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uKiWtC)

Crowns Land by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uRS1gj)

Quantitative Easing by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2ukljBd)

(Youtube) Top 10 Best Vermicomposting Tips – How To Maintain Your Vermicompost Bin by After Plastic Society (http://bit.ly/2uII58o)

Trip to Ahvaz by Lucid Living (http://bit.ly/2uKn3pE)

Old Habits by Kromatiks

Red Lobster by Titty Citty (http://bit.ly/2vu3Iac)


Remember you can check out Titty Citty’s Kickstarter to help launch their album (https://igg.me/at/tittycitty/x)!

Titty Citty’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tcittymusic/

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