39 * Cult of the Yellow Sign

I’m excited to have the Lovecraftian doomsday cult Cult of the Yellow Sign on this extended interview and indoctrination episode!

The Cult of The Yellow sign is a antirationalist sect of doomsday cultists hellbent on the destruction of your insignificant world. Through our devotion to the outer gods that swell and twist maddeningly in the center of the universe, we plan to reduce your meaningless planet to a burnt cinder of smoldering refuse. We are an equal opportunity employer with a comprehensive benefits package.

So listen up and learn about the comprehensive benefit packages, FREE CHILDCARE SERVICES, and POTLUCK ORGIES!

Catch up with them at:



Music and Audio Extracts

Waysted by Kromatiks Music

Cult of the Yellow Sign Recruitment Videohttps://youtu.be/6x8eDRFPcV4

Vampire Skull by Cult of the Yellow Sign: http://bit.ly/2kyuWFJ

Doublepentagonagram by Cult of the Yellow Sign: http://bit.ly/2kKEVJ7

April 2015: Spring Has Sprung from KUULT RADIO: Live From the Tower of Sorrows!: http://bit.ly/2lPGoyQ

Old Habits by Kromatiks Music

Coffin Stuffers by Cult of the Yellow Sign from their upcoming album Top of the Pile

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