David Liebe Hart: Aliens & Songs!


David Liebe Hart is a very interesting person. He’s a comedian, singer, songwriter, street performer, puppeteer, actor, community television program producer, train fanatic and UFO abductee. He’s been on the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Golden Girls!

Check out his website! http://artbyliebehart.com/

I was extremely lucky to talk with David and, boy, we went over some interesting topics. Some of them I had to cut out for time and content but here’s what’s left!

Musical credits:

Waysted by Kromatiks music.

The Pickle Man & Mr Moose, David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2jlWDl2

Chicago Northwestern (New Version), David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2i9RJXf

O Gentle Presence, David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2jvwWma

New Technology (New Version), David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2iWtArh

La Rent Doesn’t Want Me To Look At Porn (New Version), David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2jvHAte

Go Into the Light, David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2jvza5g

Teleportation Thru Space (Album Version), David Liebe Hart: http://bit.ly/2iwKJ7R

Old Habits by Kromatiks music.


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