Roxanne Price: Working at the Love Ranch North Brothel

In this episode I talk with Roxanne Price (@RoxannePriceGFE) (NSFW) who works at the Love Ranch North (@LoveRanchNorth) (NSFW) in Carson Nevada! We talk about how she went from normal small town Texas girl to prostitute in one of the state’s legal brothels owned by Dennis Hof (of HBO’s Cathouse: The Series fame).

I’d like to think that you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about that it’s like to be a prostitute in Nevada. I did! You also might come to realize that, in Roxanne’s case at least, many sex workers do in fact choose their work and are very business savvy about it as well.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter — and I know some people have strong ones — I hope this episode will be a window for you on what being a working girl is like for Roxanne at least.

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