Amanda Liberty: Objectum Sexuality

I’m thrilled to be speaking with the delightful Amanda Liberty about her prior relationship with her drums and flags and her current love for the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Amanda is objectum sexual. There are very few (I think) people like this in the world, so I am lucky to have gotten in touch with her.

Objectum sexuality (an offshoot of animism) is an orientation where people are romantically attracted to objects which — to them at least — possess sentient qualities (hence the animism). You can learn more about objectum sexuality at the excellent resource website Here’s an extract:

Sexual orientation is defined as the nature of sexual preference while the prolific definition stands as: the direction of someone’s sexual desire toward people of the opposite gender, people of the same gender, or people of both. This does not include objects.

However, orientation itself is defined as: a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. This does include objects as we see it.

We love objects on a very significant level and many of us in an intimate way. This feeling is innate. Objectùm-sexual love comes for most in a similar awakening as other sexualities at the start of puberty. This is often followed by an acute awareness that we do not relate to peers due to the source of projected feelings. Often objectùm-sexual people feel outcast or pressured by mainstream sexuality with a helpless feeling that we cannot change what comes so naturally to us.

Amanda appeared in the documentary Animism: People Who Love Objects. ( Here is the trailer:


There is a rather good reference to OS in the Keys n Krates music video Save Me. ( Perhaps not strictly correct in all ways, videos like this bring OS into the mainstream consciousness.

The exchange about objectophilia is from How I Met Your Mother. You can find that episode here (

You can find Amanda’s lovely rendition of the Broadway musical piece Huddled Masses,  on YouTube (!

Intro music: Waysted by Kromatiks Music (

Outro music: Old Habbits by Kromatiks Music (

Voice over music: Oriental Pacific from the album Galaxsea by Lunar Dunes (

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