Allen Ury: Fantastic Plastic Model Aircraft!

When I was a kid, I put together a few models my dad bought me from Woolco or Zellers or KMart. I have really fond memories of sticking them together — sometimes incorrectly!

In this episode I talk with Allen Ury from Fantastic Plastic Models!

Allen talks about how he went from being a kid who put together balsam wood models his dad bought him to founding and managing his own plastic model kit company!

We’ll also talk a little about science fiction too!

Cover photo is 40 foot flying disc  — I’ve linked to model of it available from Fantastic Plastic Models.


Audio clips:

Classic Model Kits – “Lindberg Convair B-58 Hustler” – 1959

Lenny Bruce airplane glue

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe – 1940

Music credits:

Intro music: Waysted by Kromatiks Music

Outro music: Old Habbits by Kromatiks Music

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