Sister Kate: Healing Weed from the Sisters of the Valley

Sister Kate from the Sisters of the Valley talks to me about why and how she started her sacred order of cannabis growing women in the Central Valley of California!

From their website:

Based in California’s Central Valley, The Sisters of the Valley are not affiliated with any traditional earthly religion. The Sisters’ spiritual practices support the process of making medicine. We respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.


We, The Sisters prepare all medicines during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. We are activists who are on a mission to heal the world.

I really enjoyed our discussion! Kate is super chill! She has even promised to send me a little bit of healing salve to try out for my migraines!  We’re both big Bernie Sanders’ fans too — they will be going to protest with other Progressives in Philadelphia later this month! So if I’m ever in their neck of the woods, I might just try to drop in!

Sister’s of the Valley website and Facebook page.

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