LogosPilgrim: Cosplay, Comics, Chaplin and Albator!

Happy Canada Day! This week the podcast starts with a proper patriotic salute to Canada in 1908 – with the 1908 version of O Canada. You can follow along to the stirring lyrics here.

Then we’re joined by now veteran guest of the show, LogosPilgrim! The conversation will be a little more relaxed and broader this holiday weekend because it’s the holiday weekend! We’ll talk about…

White Tiger’s tight outfit! Spiderman in tights! Charlie Chaplin! Capitaine Albator — an anime extremely popular in France, Quebec and Italy! Cosplay! … and more!

LogosPilgrim’s website: logospilgrim.com

Intro music: Waysted by Kromatiks Music

Outro music: Old Habbits by Kromatiks Music

Mid-Show Ad was for Lifemark: A Made for TV Podcast

O Canada 1908 Version was found here.

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