Eric Miller: 18 Wheels of Horror!

This week I’m happy to talk with Eric Miller who is editor of and contributor to 18 Wheels of Horrorwhich is a recently released horror story anthology in the small but growing genre of trucking fiction!

From Amazon:

Psychotic killers, devious ghosts, alien monsters, howling storms, undead creatures, and other dark forces haunt the highways and the truckers who drive them in these 18 chilling tales!

A ghostly voice on a trucker’s CB radio knows more about his life than it should… Two drivers find their cargo gives them inhuman appetites… A boy in a truck stop encounters a supernatural force that threatens to destroy the world… The hypnotic singing lulling a driver to sleep might not be coming from the tires… A fender-bender between a big rig and a four wheeler is not as accidental as it seems… The sinister cargo lurking in a rock and roll band’s fleet of trucks is unleashed at their final show…

Hit the road with this anthology of trucking horror fiction! Contains the Bram Stoker Award winning story “Happy Joe’s Rest Stop” by John Palisano.

Eric also edited Death Comes to Hollywood and Death Comes to Hollywood II!

In addition to writing, Eric has extensive experience in the Hollywood filmmaking industry – some of which brings him into direct contact with long haul truckers and their fascinating lore.

Since getting into the film biz a few years back, Eric Miller (BSMG) has done jobs as varied as Producer, Production Executive, Director of Development, Screenwriter, Line Producer, Production Manager, Transportation Coordinator, and Location Manager. In addition to these pencil-pushing chores, he also got his hands dirty as a video camera operator, grip/electrician, driver, set dresser, craft service person, production assistant, and has swept more floors than he can count.

Learn more about this excellent new book, what brought Eric into horror fiction as a child, some of his ideas about gore in horror, and his plans moving down the road!

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