Josh Mendoza: Cars and Stars!

When I was in Los Angeles for the first time this past February I noticed there sure were a lot of interesting people there. I also noticed that the drivers were — on the whole — just as aggressive… yes let’s put it that way… as they are in my home Montreal!

So I thought it would be interesting to talk to a driving instructor who works with celebrities in Hollywood! I contacted the nice people at Melrose Driving School and they put me in touch with Josh Mendoza!

Joshua’s easygoing personality and patience with first-time drivers makes him popular with both teens and adults. In his free time, Joshua enjoys spending time with family and watching baseball.

Josh is going to give us a little background about what it’s like to teach sleepy pyjama wearing teens in LA who must scarf their In-N-Out  burger to get their blood sugar levels up before driving; purple-wearing ladies who mistake the school for an Uber service, and his own close encounter with Harrison Ford!

He also instructed with Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men, Nora Arnezeder from Mozart in the Jungle, Dove Cameron, along with the daughters of Dan Aykroyd, JJ Abrams, and Phil Rosenthal! Did they pass their driving tests?

Melrose Driving School website

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