Natalie Zarrelli: Sideshows, Arcade Games and Ice Cream Wars

This week’s episode starts off in the same vein as last with a freakshow theme! Natalie Zarrelli lost her job one terrible day in Boston and rather than moping about it she joined a travelling sideshow! That’s wicked cool!

In this episode you’ll get to learn a little about Natalie’s time in the World of Wonders sideshow! We’ll talk about her acts — like lifting lunchboxes with her tongue — and what living on the road is like.

Natalie also writes for Atlas Obscura too! We’ll talk about the legendary conspiracy video game POLYBIUS and a vicious ICE CREAM TRUCK WAR that broke out in Scottish government housing projects in the 80s. She still writes regularly for the Atlas from her apartment in New York City!

But that’s not all! Natalie and a friend went up to Alaska where she got to meet the only guy to assemble a whale skeleton in a hundred years! We’ll learn about that too.

She also paints deep sea monsters and has an intriguing series of the bottom halves of women doing things that would regularly require eyes, arms, brains, etc. We’ll learn about some of the meaning behind this.

Finally, we’ll talk about Natalie art and upcoming projects — which might just include a podcast!

Natalie’s site:

Intro music: Waysted by Kromatiks Music

Outro music: Old Habbits by Kromatiks Music

Mid-show advertisement was for Lifemark podcast.


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