Thomas Nealeigh: It’s a FreakShow Deluxe!

This week I’m thrilled to be talking with the Rev. Tommy Gunn (aka Thomas Nealeigh) from Freakshow Deluxe!

Reverend Tommy Gunn founded the FreakShow Deluxe in 2001, then pushed the company’s move to Hollywood in 2004 when he opened the Empire Amusement Hall. People started calling him the Best Talker On the West Coast in 2008 – and no one has disagreed since. Author, playwright, lecturer, historian, and entrepreneur – he is your Minister of the macabre, parson to the phantasmagorical & self-styled object of your affections; your Reverend is also the mouthpiece for the morbid, vicar of victimization, apostle of the appalling & purveyor of the more dangerous arts! The Reverend has worked hard to find the most interesting sideshow performers, the loveliest burlesque dancers, seriously vicious vaudevillians, and the best polished acts of danger he can put on any stage — all so that you, the audience, will have the best time. Ever.

We’ll talk a little about Freakshow Deluxe‘s history, Gunn’s own childhood performing, and his talented kids who perform regularly in this family-owned and -operated show!

Tom’s book: See You in the Backlot

Outro music is Here Come the Freaks by Brother Daniel and the Black Sheep

Intro music: Waysted by Kromatiks

Mid-show advertisement was for CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast

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