Miles Greb: After the Gold Rush

Miles Greb is a comic writer based in Seattle and has produced the science-based comic After the Gold Rush.

After the Gold Rush is a comic about the conflict between religion and science. It is also a return to optimistic Sci Fiction; a genera where we see the benefits of the scientific method.

It tells the story of the last scientist, Scout, as she returns to her ancestral home of earth for the first time. But instead of the high tech world she was expecting -it’s a wilderness.

In this interview, we talk about this comic along with optimistic science fiction and a re-integration of the humanities into science fiction.

The first instalment of After the Gold Rush was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Miles also tells us about a new Kickstarter campaign for a print version of the second campaign to fund a print version of After the Gold Rush 2:

Demand at the con was really high for a printed copy of After the Gold Rush #2. As you know, we meet our funding goal to make the book, and distribute it digitally. However, I think due to sales and the long term goals of the book, we need to print it. So on June 1st, After The Gold Rush Kickstarter #2 will go live!

Visit Miles’ page on June 1st for the Kickstarter campaign! You can also follow Miles over at his Twitter account @goldrushcomic for updates!

UPDATE: Visit the After the Gold Rush 2 Kickstarter campaign here!



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