Emilia Bronte and Booty Plunder: Acting in Feminist Porn

Back in episode 2, I had feminist porn director Laura Glass (blog) on the show to talk about her upcoming movie, The Color of Her Desire. 

This week, I’m happy to have the two actors who star in this film – under their porn pseudonyms: Booty Plunder and Emilia Bronte. Emilia also wrote the script for the film.

We talk about the filming itself; sex positivity; the effects an early exposure to today’s porn may have on people – particularly men; how wearing sailor suits may signify your sexual arousal (all hands on deck); dressing like pirates; dressing like faeries; LARPing; and what it’s like standing in a room with 40 strangers watching yourself masturbate on a big screen for the very first time.

I’m pretty sure there’s probably more there – the conversation was very broad!

It goes without saying that the topics of this podcast are sexual and it’s likely you don’t want to listen to this with children, your mom, your grandmother – etc.

You’ll also hear a short segment from the excellent podcast Poorly SummarizedI strongly suggest you go check these guys out. I listen to a select few podcasts regularly and this is one of them.

(Image not from movie.)

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